Clean and Simple.


We are a Baltimore based husband and wife team.  She's the brains and beauty and I am the brawn.

People, sports, things with wheels, hot dogs, beer, and taking pictures. 

We started a few years ago with family, friends and personal projects.  You know, Facebook posts and Christmas cards.  Then came sports.  The equipment and the settings are a little different (and more $) but the concept is the same.  Then we would share with other kids on the team.  Finally, someone offered to pay.  Really!

We soon realized that it is the relationship and comfort zone with the photographer that makes the picture.  People frequently want to share a vision or concept with the photographer and have them help make it happen.

We like taking portraits.  So we do them.

Small group portraits can be fun.  We do them too.

Action sports never get old.  We're in.  Mostly me.

We don't do everything but over the years we've met a lot of other photographers.  If we don't do it, we would love to try.  If we can't do it, we likely know someone who can.

Reach out for any reason.  Especially, if you know a good place to get a hot dog and a beer.